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Thread: Installation is restricted....?

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    radioham Guest

    Default Installation is restricted....?

    Deploying 462-000 caused thefollowing mssage;
    The installation is restricted.
    Integrety Desktop an enterprise product was detected and
    must first be uninstalled before you may install ZA
    Security Suite...
    How do I know what to uninstall?
    A search for 'Integrety Desktop' gave no result.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Installation is restricted....?

    I think integrity Desktop is the name of one of Check Point's/Zonelabs commercial grade security programs. Do you have ANY other security programs already installed on your computer? There appears to be a program that ZASS is identifying as another Checkpoint product that has to be uninstalled before installing the ZASS.

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    radioham Guest

    Default Re: Installation is restricted....?

    I guess it is looking at the older ZA version that is still resident?Should I disable it before doing a clean install or uninstall it?There are no other security programs installed.

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    Default Re: Installation is restricted....?

    Totally uninstall the resident version of Zonealarm before installing the new one.

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    radioham Guest

    Default Re: Installation is restricted....?

    The uninstall dialogue says that udating can be done by installing over the old version.Obviously not.I fully uninstalled and the new version did install after that.Thanks

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    Default Re: Installation is restricted....?

    In general that's true but if updating causes problems then the best altewrnative is to simply uninstall and then install on a Zoneralarm free system. Anyway glad to see you finally got the installation to work.Cheersledoc

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