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Thread: About ZA v7.0.462.000 license renewal.....

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    joec Guest

    Default About ZA v7.0.462.000 license renewal.....

    I have been using ZA 2007 for the past year. Its renewal time. Before ZA, I had only used Norton's and McAfee. Well, as you all may know, they are monster programs. I looked for alternatives last year and chose ZAISS 2007. Last week, I thought of trying a
    different IS program. I had
    read good reviews about Trend Micro IS
    Pro and thought it to be a good alternative to the big guys. What a mistake that was! It caused havoc to my system. My XPSP2 system got real messed up. Occurrences
    such as
    freezing, crazy error messages even while idle. Programs would just quit, like IE7 and Excel and Outlook Express....... I think It interfered with every program on my machine. The spam filter would not automatically work on all POP3 addresses, like ZA and Nortons. In order to have the feature work, you had to first change your default identity then "exit and sign off identity" then open Outlook Express again. That was absurd. Half the time it just aggravated the OS performance and
    caused a freeze. It was a nightmare. Customer service was terrible too. Phone support was impossible and email response was slow and I would get responses from different responses from support staff.
    Best Buy let me
    exchange it ,
    with no box, and I got ZAISS 2007, the one I have now. It was cheaper to buy it there than renew it on line. My question is this. How do I properly install it, since its the same program with a new license for updates? I was thinking, just open the box and enter the new license number into the installed program. Would that work and not mess anything up?

    Thanks for letting me vent! I look forward to hearing from someone. I hope to return the favor when I see the chance. Zone Alarm is definitely the better alternative to the big internet securities programs.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: About ZA v7.0.462.000 license renewal.....

    If you had any time left over from the old ZA license, use that; otherwise/ then, yes, just download and install the new key in the "Change Lic." button
    or during ZA install. Click here &gt;<hr>No need to use the CD-Rom. Make sure you properly un-install/ delete all &quot;Trend&quot; files first.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 12-9-07 - Imagine - John Lennon

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