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Thread: 7.0.462.000 install failure, results, solution for repair and install

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    gesundheit Guest

    Default 7.0.462.000 install failure, results, solution for repair and install

    Install of 7.0.462.000 fails on this machine, notes on problems, repairs, solutions to install and summary.

    Machine/OS (American, English version):
    Triple boot system, two XP (SP2) NTFS primaries, one FAT, Pentium CPU 3 ghz, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB harddrive, plenty of room available on multiple partitions (C, D, E, F, G); Temp directory set to D drive, pagefile.sys set to D drive.

    PROBLEM #1:
    Install of ZA ver 7.0.462.000 using zlsSetup_70_462_000_en.exe and/or zaZA_Setup_en.exe (downloaded approx. 12/19/07) fails midway.

    RESULT #1:
    During the copy of C:\Windows\system32\ZoneLabs\srescan.sys the following error message arrives:

    >>Could not load the DLL library D:\Temp\GLF13.tmp. The specified module could not be found.

    The *.tmp file name which is noted is different on varying install attempts, but the failure occurs at approx. the same point in time, i.e. during the copy of srescan.sys, approx. midway through install.

    The installer_12270771818.log file ends with these lines:
    Checking C:\WINDOWS\system32\zonelabs\ntname32.xml. Dll count: 0
    Checking C:\WINDOWS\system32\zonelabs\ntname32.xml. Dll count: 0
    Remove old installation
    Installing files.
    Executing Cancel script.
    D:\Temp\vsutil.dll does not exist. Can't call VSSetProtection.
    Finished with logging Installer messages.
    Finishing Cancel script.

    The failed install then calls for a reboot of the system.

    Before reboot:
    1. There are no Program menu items for ZoneAlarm
    2. There is no systray item
    3. These directories exist:
    Windows\Internet Logs: contains fwpktlog.txt, installer_12270771818.log, and tvDebug.log
    WINDOWS\system32\Zone Labs: contains 42.7 MB files
    Program Files\Zone Labs: contains 8.16 MB files
    ***4. Control Panel, Add\Remove looks "normal" (i.e. in its pre-install estate) except that it now contains an item to remove ZoneAlarm.

    AFTER reboot: VSMon.exe is running in Windows Task Manager\Processes
    1. There are no Program menu items for ZoneAlarm
    2. There is no systray item
    3. These directories exist:
    --a. Windows\Internet Logs: contains fwpktlog.txt, installer_12270771818.log, and tvDebug.log; as well as IAMDB.RDB and MACHINENAME3.ldb
    --b. WINDOWS\system32\Zone Labs
    --c. Program Files\Zone Labs
    4. Control Panel, Add\Remove contains an item to remove ZoneAlarm.

    PROBLEM #2:
    After the Problem #1 failed install, the Control Panel, Add\Remove item for ZoneAlarm does offer a "remove" of ZoneAlarm. Unfortunately, the use of this "remove" of ZoneAlarm not only removes directories and files (as it should), it also removes an essential Windows registry key.

    RESULT #2:
    1. GOOD: Removes directories/files placed on the machine by the failed install.
    2. BAD: Removes this essential registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall

    Per item 2 above: The Add\Remove panel no longer looks normal (as in the pre-install of ZA estate). Its estate is no longer useful to the user. It is filled with all manner of Add\Remove item which is not at all helpful, archaic entries found from somewhere and due to Windows finding no "uninstall" key. The many "actual" installed programs, including Windows updates, are no longer listed. The Add\Remove panel is now useless.

    The machine must be restored to its ZA pre-install attempt state.

    Reason for install failure found, solution to install found

    This machine uses a set of two *.reg and two *.bat files to clean up "temp" and other directories upon 1) bootup and 2) logoff/logon of users. The two *.reg and *.bat files exist in the Windows directory (tif-cln.bat, tif-cln.reg, re-tif.bat, re-tif.reg) A further explanation of how these files work:

    In essence, upon Windows bootup OR logoff/longon of users the "runonce" key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\RunOnce

    "ignites" the tif-cln.bat file. This batch file causes a deletion/recreation of temp directories (rd/md) i.e. the temp directories come in clean/empty.

    A "run" key command of the re-tif.bat file:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run

    re-makes the runonce key (which sets off tif-cln.bat) for the next bootup or logoff/longon.

    So, the "run" key must be hit in order to recreate the "runonce" key and the "runonce" key must be hit to set of the cleanup batch file.

    All together, it appears that the install of ZA ver 7.0.462.000 (as opposed to the install of 7.0.337.000 which does not do the same thing AND does succeed on this machine as it is), must do something like setting off the Run and RunOnce keys right in the middle of the install. Once the runonce key is hit, the temp directory clean up batch file obliterates the temp directory holding the ZA install files -- the install fails AND the above are the results when trying to clean up.

    In order to install ZA ver 7.0.462.000 I renamed my Windows *.reg and *.bat files (which created "run" and "runonce" keys), particularly the cleanup batch file (tif-cln.bat). After renaming, the tif-cln.bat could no longer be run by the "runonce" key, thus temp directories could not be removed/remade. The install then succeeded.

    The ZA ver 7.0.462.000 install is unlike the install of ver 7.0.337.000. Something within the midst of the 7.0.462.000 install appears to perform a type of "reboot" or "logon/logoff" OR "run" and/or "runonce" routine. In this case, the latter (which runs a batch file to delete\remake temp directories) causes failure of the ZA install.

    A further... That which has been found should assist in helping other users to locate some of their difficulties in install (why VSmon.exe is running after failed installs, despite menu or systray items, why they can't work to delete/repair their installs.) It should also assist the programmers to figure out that which is causing problems with the install regime that they currently have, when the past regime was not a problem.


    PS: My former message was NOT off topic, on the contrary.

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    pwillener Guest

    Default Re: 7.0.462.000 install failure, results, solution for repair and install

    Thank you for the detailed analysis and solution to the problem you've encountered. I hope that the developers who created the new installer will look into this, and avoid using commonly used .reg and .bat file names.

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    Default Re: 7.0.462.000 install failure, results, solution for repair and install

    something I don't understand... is it "tif-cln" installed by ZA or is it you that added this tool at your boot?

    Not sure if it was also in your case but it is usually suggested, when you have problems installing ZA, to disable any software/services running at boot (other than default MS programs/services) before installing ZA.

    The above combined with cleaning all ZA left overs from failed install in SAFE MODE usually solve installation problems.

    By the way, it is quite normal for security tools and complex programs to use run-once key at boot...

    To sum up: was it really a ZA issue? Or an external script conflicting with ZA?


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