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    My wife has just bought me an Xbox 360 and I've just subscribed to Xbox live. I read somewhere, and implemented it, that the only way to enable the XBox to connect through Zone Alarm Free using Internet Connection Sharing is to set the Internet Security to Medium.
    I gather that this poses a security risk as my PC is no longer in stealth mode.
    1) Can someone clarrify how much of a security risk this really is?2) Whether upgrading to Zone Alarm Pro will enable me to use internet Connection sharing without compromising the security of my PC as I currently have to do?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Security risk is zero.
    The ports opened are still not internet ports, just ports of your LAN. So this is safe. Your are still stealthed from the internet by the ZA.

    The ICS is only set up either for the specific LAN IP(s) or the entire LAN and not the internet itself. Thus the internet ports are still very secure. [This applies to all software firewalls, even the windows firewall, except the windows firewall has no outbound application control].

    I assume you have a router with SPI/NAT or a NAT type of modem in front of the PC? This alone blocks all unwanted inbound connections. Thus keeping your PC or LAN safe.

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