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    Unable to down latest ZA Security Suite. I receive a message, "Website declined to show this webpage" I am using 7.0.302, which expires in 20 days. Should I move on to Penicillan?.

    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><HR>dumboy wrote:
    Unable to down latest ZA Security Suite. I receive a message, "Website declined to show this webpage" I am using 7.0.302, which expires in 20 days. Should I move on to Penicillan?.

    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

    <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Try this ZASS Download Link.., Since your Using a VERY old Version of ZASS..To prevent Conflict and possible Install problems..I would Recomend that after Download ZASS 7.0.462.000 that before installing bring up the old ZASS go into OVERVIEW/Preferences and Un-check "Load Zone Alarm on Startup"Reboot your Computer to Remove the ZA DTrueVector Drivers from Memory..Then Install the New ZASS using the Clean Install not Upgrade..Good Luck..Please post back with your Progress..Here is a List of all the Updates and Fixes since 7.0.302.000
    <P class=headblack2><A id=7.0.462.000 name=7.0.462.000 target=_blank></A>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.462.000<UL class=body><LI>Performance improvements: <UL class=body><LI>Improved system boot time <LI>Included a new anti-spyware engine <LI>Fixed problems with AV on dual-core and hyper-threaded machines. </LI>[/list]<LI>Stability improvements in anti-virus: <UL class=body><LI>Fixed occasional hangs in advanced dialog window <LI>Fixed occasional hangs during scan <LI>Fixed occasional hangs in after repair of archive (or similar) on CD. </LI>[/list]<LI>Additional Stability improvements: <UL class=body><LI>Fixed occasional crashes in vsmon <LI>Fixed occasional hangs during shutdown <LI>Fixed occasional hangs in UpdClient. <LI>Fixed various install and upgrade issues <LI>Fixed window activation issue associated with automatic updates <LI>Compatibility: Fixed compatibility issue with Intuit Software </LI>[/list]<LI>Anti-virus improvements: <UL class=body><LI>Fixed anti-virus signature versions not showing, <LI>Don't reschedule AV updates after initial update completes </LI>[/list]<LI>Anti-spyware improvements: <UL class=body><LI>New anti-spyware engine <LI>Fixed issue where AS updates reported the client up to date when the client had no internet access </LI>[/list]<LI>Ease-of-use improvements: <UL class=body><LI>New: Added Automatic Network Configuration to Wizard (will automatically add Domain Controller, DNS, DHCP, Network Printers and, mapped network drives to trusted zone) <LI>Changed update frequency default to every 3 hours </LI>[/list]<LI>Customization improvements: <UL class=body><LI>Made AV/AS update frequency configurable <LI>Added Global Reset-to-Default feature (invoked via Ctrl+Shift+right click on ZA icon in system tray). <LI>Various other fixes and improvements </LI>[/list]</LI>[/list]<P class=headblack2><A id=7.0.408.000 name=7.0.408.000 target=_blank></A>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.408.000<UL class=body><LI>Performance improvements in system startup and shutdown, antivirus, spysite loading, the update client, and more. <LI>Stability improvements during antivirus scans, uninstall, while shutting down, and more. <LI>Compatibility: Fixed compatibility issues with Project 2007, Bit Torrent, and Logitech Webcam. <LI>Antivirus enhancements (in Suite and Antivirus products only): New scan priority for on-demand antivirus scans. <LI>Various usability and other improvements. </LI>[/list]<P class=headblack2><A id=7.0.362.000 name=7.0.362.000 target=_blank></A>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.362.000<UL class=body><LI>Antivirus enhancements: Enables email scanning and fixes issue where memory scans could not be skipped. <LI>Stability enhancements: Various improvements including better Outlook stability working with ZoneAlarm's anti-spam and better stability while using privacy features. <LI>Compatibility enhancements: Works better with Outlook and Netflix's Downloading service. <LI>Performance enhancements: Better anti-spam performance, fixed occasional hang during AV updates, addressed issues with hourly updates stealing focus from some applications and games. </LI>[/list]<P class=headblack2><A id=7.0.337.000 name=7.0.337.000 target=_blank></A>New and improved ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 7.0.337.000<UL class=body><LI>New Anti-spam version with enhanced image spam detection capabilities <LI>Antivirus updates that were failing with some proxy settings have been restored <LI>Antivirus licensing that allowed some customers antivirus to stop functioning has been fixed <LI>Other enhancements to optimize antivirus scanning, treatment and updating <LI>Fixed Microsoft Security Center notifications not being updated correctly <LI>Fixed issue where expert rules disappeared after a restart <LI>Added install gates for AV SKU s to prevent BSOD for users that have not upgraded their Spydoctor and System Mechanic s builds to the latest one that fixed the problem <LI>A change was made to allow per application expert rules <LI>Removed Google Desktop installation warning <LI>Fixed issue with the parental control blocked page images not being displayed <LI>Some rare reports of crashing have been isolated and addressed <LI>Yahoo IM8 audio issue fixed <LI>Formatting and translation improvements on non-English products <LI>Program learning mode duration set to 21 days by default <LI>Various other fixes </LI>[/list]--------------------------------------------------------
    My XP Configuration:
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:7.0.462.000
    TrueVector version:7.0.462.000
    Driver version:7.0.462.000
    Anti-virus engine version:3
    Anti-virus SDK version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:942367897
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200801.3135
    AntiSpam version:
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