I had recently been using AVG anti-virus in combo with Zone Alarm, I want to move to a complete package for overall security. So I install the Zone Alarm Security Suite and remove AVG to try and was ready to purchase
Zone Alarm until. The next morning I rebooted my system and it went into scan disk
at start up, the system began telling me it was finding block after block of bad errors. I had this happen on my other system that was working just fine and it wipe out the system disk.

To make a long
story short I got my system up by killing the
bad sector scan and set
Zone Alarm to scan the disk. It starts
out by scanning everything but the
C: drive first.
I have a network drive it will default to first and take forever to run. I have had to reload a third party anti-virus to run the C: and then
Zone Alarm software seems to care.
By the way I am not a big fan of email support,
I could give all of the steps it took me to get to this point which had been about two days. But
it would take to long to type and you would not want to
read it all.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite