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Thread: Update to ZAISS 7.0.483.000

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    stripeman Guest

    Default Update to ZAISS 7.0.483.000

    My wife received the urgent message from ZA to install the update concerning MS Update KB951748.
    So, she went ahead and installed it using the "run" option, without first unchecking "Load ZAISS at startup" and then rebooting.
    (Normally, I do the upgrades for her and follow the "download - backup-settings - uncheck-load-at-startup - reboot - install" proceedure.)
    The installation went fine until her Windows XP Pro SP3 firewall blocked TrueVector and prompted for unblock, which was allowed.
    Windows was then rebooted, per the installation prompt.
    At completion of the ZA Upgrade/Install proceedure, the system successfully rebooted with ZAISS 7.0.483.000 loaded and active, with all ZAISS settings preserved and the appropriate signatures for ZAISS 7.0.483.000.
    Nice, ....

    but did it really work?
    I thought TrueVector had to be removed from memory (uncheck-reboot, as above) for a ZA installation to be valid.
    Did this really work?
    Or, should
    ZAISS 7.0.483.000 be reinstalled according to ZA update "best practices?"
    Please advise ....


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Update to ZAISS 7.0.483.000

    It may still be too early to say... but if it's working fine, then why trouble yourself with 'extra work' until you really need to. In the more 'perfect world' ZA expects many users will do exactly as your wife had done - the 'quick and easy' (without the un-load, un-install, etc.) and for many users that's the way it has been done for several upgrades/ versions without a hitch - for years
    { lucky them}. Within the next few weeks - if things run good and clean - give a kiss to your wife for doing a good job, { and one from me.} If things begin to turn south, you know what to do.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-11-08 - Glamorous - Fergie

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    jjcampbell Guest

    Default Re: Update to ZAISS 7.0.483.000

    This is ridiculous! This approach works OK and is lauded, while those of us using &quot;recommended best practices&quot; end up with a rigaramole involving safe mode and dangerous registry edits.

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    stripeman Guest

    Default Re: Update to ZAISS 7.0.483.000

    Greetings jj,
    What can I say?
    I am at a loss
    for words ....
    Hmmmmmmmm, I can just say I sympathise with your frustration as I have actually been there and done that in the early months of 2007 when things with the ZoneAlarm transition were really quite grim.
    We run rather lean systems, here, with standard but well maintained Windows XP SP3 systems (3 laptops, 1 desktop) and just the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.
    From reading this forum it seems the folks with the most trouble are those with multiple security systems and/or more complex system configurations.
    The guru's here are really quite helpful, in my opinion.
    Have you appealed to them?

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