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    jlitzza Guest

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    So what is up with this program.
    Auto Renewal is set on your website.
    This is the LATEST version of ZAISS.
    It has been nagging me for months, as it does not seen to realize that Auto Renewal means anything, and now your software sez the product is expired!
    At least it should now what I have set in installation, it has access to your website.
    It has everything it needs but the sense to wipe its own nose.
    Well I am leaving it to figure out it condition.
    Good luck ... I have multiple licenses and I expect them to handle their own business.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    sjoeii Guest

    Default Re: Auto Renewal

    How much days do you have left?

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    jlitzza Guest

    Default Re: Auto Renewal

    Zero on one account and a week on the second

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: Auto Renewal

    The autorenewal functionality only went in effect about a week ago for users who bout a new copy the week of January 14th 2007If you signed up earlier or signed up manually in the program before that date the auto renewal will not happen. Not until next year.You will need to manually renew you copies.A technical glitch prevented us from auto renewing earlier.Forum Moderator

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    jlitzza Guest

    Default Re: Auto Renewal

    I bought mine Jan 20 2007!
    Clearly if I had zero and seven on the 21st, I post dated Jan 14!
    The installation provided for such **bleep**!

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    jlitzza Guest

    Default Re: Auto Renewal

    I hope that is the right poop, cause otherwise I now have nine PC licences !!!!!
    I can't believe your answer!
    Jan 14!!!

    that you couldn't realize that I signed up Jan 20 and Jan 27 ...

    I still does not resove the question ...

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