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Thread: I also get - 0Xc0000142 Failed to initialize

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    zafree_user Guest

    Default I also get - 0Xc0000142 Failed to initialize

    I've tried updating to ZA 462 a few times. It never works. Finally came here to see that it may be REQUIRED for users to have Windows XP SP2 !!!!!

    If that's true, good bye ZA !!!
    I'll not get on the continual updating merry go round to use someone's latest update.

    I have:
    Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP1
    Software Version:
    Product Name: ZoneAlarm (Free)
    I've found the following:

    >if you search the board you will find multiple >explanations and unresolved cases.

    >The three explanations that I have seen mentioned most >here are:

    >- You are not running Windows XP SP2
    >- Your machine is infected by malware
    >- You have a driver issue on your system

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: I also get - 0Xc0000142 Failed to initialize

    If you install nothing else, you really should upgrade to SP2. It contains many important security fixes for the OS
    and provides a more stable base for other programs. And, as you noted, it is now a requirement for many programs. SP2 will install smoothly with no problems and is something you ought to consider.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: I also get - 0Xc0000142 Failed to initialize

    ZA firewalls
    are good protection, but will not be able to catch/prevent all the &quot;exploits&quot; and &quot;flaws&quot; that Microsoft Windows system has; and 'hackers' are always floating around malware to catch the 'naive and vulnerable' and turn you into a 'zombie bot', steal info., etc.<hr>We implore you - update to XP SP2 -
    = read some of the preparations and recommendations they list.<hr>To order -
    the CD which is absolutely free and easy to use - but there is a small shipping charge of about $3 to $4 to mail it to you - still quite reasonable.<hr>Once you have XP SP2 - you will have a big bunch of Microsoft updates awaiting you - choose the critical/ high priority security updates first. Check with your &quot;Microsoft Update&quot; icon ('allow' acive X for it)- use custom install &gt; find out what your missing &gt; choose the High Priority/ Critical Security Updates &gt; you can do a little bit at time instead of all at once &gt; but eventually get them all.<hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 2-10-08 - Shame - Evelyn &quot;Champagne&quot; King

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    Default Re: I also get - 0Xc0000142 Failed to initialize

    Hi "zafree_user"Here is a resent Quote from the Forum Moderastor.."Hello,Our software is not designed to run with anything less than XP SP2.We dont consider it a bug since your using an OS which is not officially supported. XP with no service packs installed is not supported by us.Forum Moderator" this Link..

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