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Thread: ZASS 7.0.462.000 - Reset database VS Re-install

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    granny_mouse Guest

    Default ZASS 7.0.462.000 - Reset database VS Re-install

    Hi guys ... am a new ZASS 7 (latest version) user and have had extensive difficulties since install ... i think
    the problem is operator error more than anything but at this point i'm wondering which is better ... reset the database or just re-install.
    Very first (initial) scan detected a problem "virus" called 'not-a-virusownloader.Win32.Popcap.b' ... when trying to treat it, all attempts failed except delete on re-boot ... still, each time the Yahoo game console is requested, this 'virus' is detected once again via on-access scan then notifies Windows cannot copy the necessary file.
    Beyond this issue, no video feed appears on homepage, email ads do not appear, keyboard function is lost each hard boot ... could name a few others but at this point, i've been thoroughly cleaned for spyware, malware and virus infections and told all looks good ...
    I'm guessing that i messed up the program permissions somewhere along the way and have no clue how to fix what i'm not sure is broke ... therefore, normally i would just re-install the program and start fresh ... however, after reading some other posts, i now wonder if just re-setting the database would be sufficient.
    Any suggestions ??
    This install was fresh as of 1/24/08 and for the first 3 weeks, i could not even sign-on here in these forums due to some cookie conflict ... please advise ... at this point, i am not impressed with ZASS ... then again, i do not understand it well, either.Thank you in advance,granny_mouse

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.462.000 - Reset database VS Re-install

    Hi!the basic difference between reset settings and clean install is the following:- ZA database reset: In case of corrupted settings or incorrect settings these will most likely solve the problem. It will not however fix issues with corrupted files in ZA.- ZA clean install will resolve issue related to corrupted/damage filesRegarding Popcap, it may be a lecit detection. Do you play online games? Are you running an ActiveX to play them. Kaspersky engine in ZASS is advising you that you are using an ActiveX control that may be also used to download riskware.First you should check where the files are located, Go to ZA alerts/Log tab --> Log viewer tab --> Alert type "antivirus" --> click on the detection --> look down in the "entry detail" box --> right click on the box --> copy... and paste.Once you have found the files, please upload them to and see what is the response there.Also check here: looks the same issue is described by the poster. Probably you are the poster From there it looks the issue is resolved....If you think this is a false positive, just do the following:1. Go to the advanced options of the ZA antivirus/antipsyware tab --> Automatic Treatment --> and check on "alert me - do not treat automatically"2. Next time the not-a-virus is detected select (from the drop down menu) --> "ignore always"3. From now on ZASS will add the thread to the exclusion list and will not warn you again4. Put back Automatic treatment to "recommended"For issue related to accessing this forum, see here:;"....Manually add the site to the list, and save. Allow 3rd party cookies, and you should be ableto access the Forum now. (3rd party cookies are required due to our use of a host ( and several domain names for the Forum)."For a detailed guide how to resolve ZA privacy issues, see here: could finally install the latest ZASS beta ( and try to scan your system in SAFE MODE (with networking). It may help to get rid of those files... but if you then load again the ActiveX you will get back the detection....Please note that ZASS beta is time limited..... and you will need to remove itwhen expired.Cheers,Fax

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    granny_mouse Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.462.000 - Reset database VS Re-install

    Thanks Fax for the recommendations and tips ... just so you know, the "what the tech" post is mine ... before i could access the forums here, i got there and LD Tate helped me 'clean' the system so we are pretty sure it is free of spyware, malware and the like.
    Once i completed their cleaning processes, then i could access ZA forums ... didn't have to do anything special.
    I do run the ZA virus/spyware daily, yet each subsequent ZA scan i've run does NOT ever detect the previous entry "not-a-virus ...", only when
    i try to access the game console (Zuma online Free Web Game to be exact) does the 'on access scan' detect a problem.
    I have not yet tried the 'ignore' suggestion but will, before a reset.
    Just so you know, previously, i used
    the free ZA firewall in combination with Spybot S&D 1.4 and had 0 problems ... played Zuma regularly and never encountered any issues or difficulties ... once installing ZASS, i haven't been able to access it since.
    More than the game issue though, i am having video feed issues, no display of ads in email, some webpages i've accessed previously now display the "IE cannot display web page" notice, the previously mentioned keyboard issue and all this combined is what makes me think i somehow fudged the program permissions during the install / learning stage.
    Following is an instruction listing i found on another post for "re-setting the database" ... please advise if this is a correct procedure and if i should start here before attempting a clean install ... in the meantime, i will try the ignore suggestion.
    Please reset the ZA database this way:
    Boot your computer into the Safe Mode
    Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder
    Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder
    Clean the Recycle Bin
    Reboot into the normal mode
    ZA will be just like new with no previous settings or data
    As for identifying 'corrupted' ZA files ... i'm not that advanced ... any suggestions ??
    I do follow directions perty good
    Regarding the posting at 'what the tech' ... we did NOT resolve the issue at hand ... and the last suggestion has yet to be followed (post this here) because i was able to access these ZA boards and believe ya'll might know more about the program, or perhaps have encountered same issue along the way ... apparently, i'm the lone,
    lost wolf again !!!! ;(
    Ah well, learning is certainly a process ... so, one more question, if i try the reset and it doesn't work ... will ya walk me through a clean install ???
    Not sure about the registration thingy or how to begin ...Thanks for all your help,granny mouse

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    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.462.000 - Reset database VS Re-install

    yes, that procedure (for resetting ZA) is the same...
    The one I am suggesting has been implemented in the latest ZA version and it is easier to do.

    Please also follow the suggestion to upload the not-a-virus files to
    To see if you get the same detection there...

    Also contact the developers of the games and report about it.
    They may have a solution to resolve the "not-a-virus" issues.


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