Hello Everyone,
I'm a windows vista ultimate user who tried upgrading my version of Zone Alarm Antivirus/firewall.
Note that: I have no other security programs installed on my computer.
When upgrading, it asked if I would like to attempt to delete some of the Quarantined files.
I clicked yes, and after a short time
it stated that the upgrade had failed, and that zone alarm was not updated.
After restarting I discovered that not only had it failed to upgrade, but zone alarm had apparently been uninstalled by the upgrade.
Most files in my zonealarm folder have been deleted (including the uninstall one!).
I've tried doing a clean install several times, but it fails every single time.
I've tried doing it in safemode, and that also fails.
I can't do the "clean uninstall" b/c most of my files in the zonealarm directoy were deleted somehow by the upgrade process.
Any idea on how to get this program running again?
I paid good
money for the anti-virus Zonealarm, so it's going to be really annoying if I have just go buy another antivirus program!
Thanks in advance!

Operating System:
Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:
7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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