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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro 7, not compatible with CA Antivirus

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    roldgold Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Pro 7, not compatible with CA Antivirus

    I have been a ZoneAlarm user for many years. Great product. But,
    my current pc is XP Pro
    with Zone Alarm Pro 7.0.462 and Norton Antivirus, via Norton SystemWorks 7.0 and it works like a champ ( I am talking about ZAP
    here ). So I built a PC for my wife to use, with XP Pro, SP2
    ( I am not a fan of Vista yet ), and
    installed my CA Anti-Virus Plus CA Anti-Spyware 2008. I then downloaded the free version of ZoneAlarm to install, until I was ready to buy another copy of Pro, but I found I have a compatibility issue between them. Good thing I did not buy another copy of ZoneAlarm Pro yet.So why CA, because I bought it when I bought my Tax software at a reduced price, and it is a 3 user license.Getting tired of Norton being a system hog.This would be a good move away from Norton, and onto CA, with ZoneAlarm Pro.
    Is there anyway to make this work together, or is it in the works to be compatible or do I have to make a decision on what product to keep ?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm 7x Free, not compatible with CA Antivirus

    Actually you 'can use' ZA Pro with CA av. You kinda fell ino an 'odd' situation when you tried to use ZA Free 7x with your CA av; some recent changes in the new version ZA 7 x Free XP -only , which we ourselves slowly discovered - There is a ZA Security Suite
    hidden underneath the ZA 7x Free- only . Which the 'phantom' non-functioning Kaspersky av in there, will conflict with your
    CA av. The ZA Free 7x series is about 39MB large = the same as a ZA Suite; ZA 6x Free and earlier were only 14MB and less.<hr>The rest of the ZA line of firewall products were not affected. Thus your ZA Pro will only contain the 'advanced firewall' 14.9MB (no ZA Suite) and you 'will be able to use with CA av+ as' - no problems. If you choose to find out for sure - you can download the trial version for 15 days of free use (and probably better off buying it at the end) &gt; click here &gt;
    <hr>Click here &gt;
    - pay attention to the tips.<hr>Oh, almost forgot, for the ZA Free 7x you have, please use this un-install instruction to remove &gt;
    - first before installing the 'trial version' of ZA Pro. You should be good to go. <hr>If your not ready to buy ZA Pro for a 'long period of time' - you have the alternative to use ZA Free 6.5 - this will work as 'temp' until your ready to get ZA Pro &gt; see/ click here &gt; .<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 3-14-08 - No One - Alicia Keys

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