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Thread: Installing And Other Problems

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    bryanoat Guest

    Default Installing And Other Problems

    Okay Heres The Problem(s)...
    I Can't Install 7.0.470.000 it says initializing. Verifying Installed blah blah (sorry not meaning to sound rude) then either that freezes and sits there till i go into task manager or it pulls this mini screen saying it encountered an error and had to close then half the time true vector then encounters a problem..Can You Help Me With This?? [ive tried the uninstall thing and i ended up losing internet and not able to reinstall it so i had to do so much and im back to this again, so either could someone help me install it and find a new way to get the update or maybe some easy-to-do uninstall thats succesful]
    Second. i Cant change my license i tried to put the new one i bought today and then it says okay it was changed then when i go back to change license its the old one again..And When i go to Check for Product Updates its all greyed out and i cant choose to automatic or manual so i cant ask it to download the new one (Which doesnt work anyway)
    Then it says That Registration is always pending...
    Yeah Theres Alot of Problems i have, sorry So Could You Help Me Please? ive been trying to figure it out for about 2 months and ive finnally given up

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Installing And Other Problems

    Perform the following steps for a clean uninstall followed by an install.

    Download ZoneAlarm ISS 470
    Append " /clean /rmlicense" (without quotes) to ZoneAlarm uninstall shortcut target
    Reboot Safe Mode (without networking)
    Uninstall ZoneAlarm from shortcut
    Reboot Safe Mode (without networking): requested by ZoneAlarm
    Create file ZADelete.bat and edit with Notepad
    Copy and paste the following lines into ZADelete.bat:
    RMDIR /S /Q "%PROGRAMFILES%\Zone Labs"
    RMDIR /S /Q "%SYSTEMROOT%\Internet Logs"
    RMDIR /S /Q "%SYSTEMROOT%\system32\ZoneLabs"
    ECHO Y | DEL /F "%TEMP%\*"
    ECHO Y | DEL /F "%SYSTEMROOT%\Temp\*"
    ECHO Y | DEL /F "%SYSTEMROOT%\Prefetch\*"
    Double-click ZADelete.bat
    Create file ZADelete.reg and edit with Notepad
    Copy and paste the following lines into ZADelete.reg:
    [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zone Labs]
    [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Zone Labs]
    [-HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Zone Labs]
    Double-click ZADelete.reg
    Empty Recycle Bin

    Install ZoneAlarm
    Reboot Normal Mode: requested by ZoneAlarm
    Anti-virus / Anti-spyware > Update Now (repeat until no further updates)
    Run virus/spyware scan: requested by ZoneAlarm (enables automatic signature updates)

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