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Thread: Zone alarm disappeared after upgrade

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    Default Zone alarm disappeared after upgrade

    I have (had)
    the registered version of ZA firewall and virus protection. I was prompted for an upgrade from ZA. I chose upgrade NOT install. It was upgrade. During the installation my computer rebooted as stated by the upgrade routine. After the boot all ZA was gone. Not a trace anywheres.
    So I reinstalled from scratch. OK no prob but gotta wonder what went wrong. Im gonna need to upgrade again eventually. I keep getting the prompt to upgrade, but will not as I'm pretty sure this will happen again.
    Otherwise everthing seems to work OK.
    Win XP ProZA firewall and antivirusAd Aware 2007 installedWindows security centre on

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Antivirus Zone Alarm Security Software 7.0

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    Default Re: Zone alarm disappeared after upgrade

    did you shutdown adware?
    It usually conflicts with ZA installer and updater.

    Whenever you will have time better to start from scratch:

    1. Uninstall ZA following closely this procedure:

    Its important you write corretly the /clean and /rmlicense switches.
    Remember to remove the folders specified in the above link.

    2. Install back latest ZA


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