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Thread: Update (or not)??

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    gaetor Guest

    Default Update (or not)??

    Can anyone advise me on the following:

    Two days ago I received an alert from Zonealarm (Anti-Spyware -Running on XP SP2) that an update was available, on clicking to allow it to proceed There was a http error 500 (internal server error) and the update could not proceed, after trying a number of times I decided to wait as I assumed the error world be corrected in due course and I would try again.

    At that time the Icon in the 'Overview' panel showed the firewall as "Out of date" and product info reported the version as 7.0.462.00

    I intended to retry today but now find that the icon reports 'Firewall Up to Date' and a manual update attempt reports the same - however the version remains at 7.0.462.00 ??

    The AS Engine version is reported as and Dat file version is reported as 01.200803.3585

    I have reviewed the forum briefly and have seen numerous issues reported about the latest update, but none that
    match my experience.

    If anyone can explain this apparent 'ghost update' scenario I'd be grateful. Also for future reference - is there somewhere on the Zonealarm site where the latest versions of the program, the engine and the dat files are listed so one can verify with certainty that the installed versions are in fact up to date - I haven't been able to locate info of this kind?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware

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    chapin Guest

    Default Re: Update (or not)??

    Your post is similar to one that I posted yesterday but have not heard a response. I experienced the same thing you did, although I have 2 Pcs with Zone Alarm Pro on it and one was a successful install but one never did show I needed it.

    I am still working with the 7.0.462.000 version because it tells me that the firewall is up-to-date but we know this is not correct. Will monitor this thread so that someone will assist both you can I.

    If desired, read my thread located later in the line up.



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    gaetor Guest

    Default Re: Update (or not)??

    Hi Chapin, I located this: which certainly indicates an update is available, I haven't installed it manually yet but this is a possibility. I'm still hoping someone will be able to explain why Zonealarm says it's up to date when it isn't - is this a known defect, etc, etc. It seems rather counter-productive to have security software declare it is up to date when it isn't! It would be better saying nothing.

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    Default Re: Update (or not)??

    Hi!probably just server overload or temporarely turned off automatic update. You should not worry much about it. There is nothing wrong with the update, nor the update has been withdrawn or ZAlabs has close the shop Just wait some days/weeks if you want it via autoupdate or install manually as you mentioned.Cheers,Fax

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