I have been using Zone Alarm for many years
with out any major problems however i have just got another PC from a friend and have tried to install both the ZA Internet Security Suite free trial and the basic Free firewall onto the computer but both continue to fail with the same problem. The operating system is WIndows XP SP2

At first
the installation was canceled because it detected SpyDoctor was installed.
unistalled SpyDoctor (Perhaps not fully) as
the subscription had expired anyway.
I then tried to install
Zone Alarm
Firewall and every time it
freezes at 53% on the file
"Instldrivers/X32/Klif.cat" .
After several minutes a window pops up sayin something like
NT / Authority System -
and the computer must restart, it then automatically restarts after 60 seconds. After the computer has restarted i connect to the internet but i am unable to view any website. (using different browsers (IE / FF). The only way i have been able to solve the problem is using System Restore to before installing Zone alarm. Everything then works fine again but im left with no Zone ALarm Firewall which i really want running on my pc.
I have done some google searches but the only issue that sounded identical to mine says something about "turning off SpySweeper before installing"
. I do not think i have this program installed on my pc and i have done a search for it but found nothing.

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome, thanks.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)