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Thread: Problem upgrading from ZAISS 7.0.462.000 to 7.0.470.000

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    mfarlie Guest

    Default Problem upgrading from ZAISS 7.0.462.000 to 7.0.470.000

    After rebooting to finish 7.0.470.000 upgrade installation, PC started running with CPU at 100%, rendering it unusable. Through Windows Task Manager ascertained that process ScanningProcess.exe running at between 20 - 97%.
    Only way out was to completely uninstall 7.0.470.000 and install 7.0.462.000 again. After 2.5 hours, PC running smoothly again. What's going on with 7.0.470.000?
    Have Spybot with Teatimer and AVG Anti-RootKit and Anti-Spyware 7.5 installed also. All latest versions and recently updated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    dudleydewrite Guest

    Default Re: Problem upgrading from ZAISS 7.0.462.000 to 7.0.470.000

    I too have had problems with the new 7.0.470.000 upgrade.
    It loaded to about 53% and gave me a message that there had been an error and that it was going to shutdown my system in 1 minute.
    The time clock wound down, but did not shutdown system.
    I tried a restart but all was locked up. I too went to task manager and zone alarm and vsmon were keeping everything at 100%, switching back and forth between 40 to 60% between the two of them.
    Ended up having to use main computer button to shutdown computer and restart from there too.
    Restart went as far as where window loads, prior to choosing log on account and locked up again, with the blue bars in continual flux.
    Shutdown with main button again and restarted, came to page saying something was wrong with last shutdown and chose to restart with last known good position.
    This got me online and ZA showed the new upgrade numbers, but anti-virus and anti-spyware were in the red and off.
    Attempt to turn on and anti-virus went green, but when I did the same to anti-spyware, both went red again.
    Tried to re-register program and got a warning not all the program was there.
    Then tried to restart the upgrade from where I had stored it and a repeat of the same problem at 53% happened again.
    Again tried to restart computer and basically went through all earlier and got to were I again restarted with last good start up.
    Only this time the active desktop page showed an error, pressed resume active desktop with no change.
    At this point I went in and ran the 7.0.462.000 start up program and was eventually able to clear up all the problems encountered with 7.0.470.000 and am at present using the previous upgrade.
    Now I see I am not the only one with this problem. I was going to delete the new update and retry downloading it.
    Seeing that others are having the same problems, I will wait for an answer to this problem.
    Also I am running XP
    and my dial up connection is limited to 28.8kbps, which came out to about 4hrs and 48mins to download the update the first time.


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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Problem upgrading from ZAISS 7.0.462.000 to 7.0.470.000

    I've learned to never allow an upgrade. Instead, do a clean uninstall followed by an install. Assuming your settings are clean, you can first do a Security Settings backup and then restore them in the new version. Any problems and you can clear the settings by doing a Ctrl + Shift right-click on the ZA icon in the System Tray and then clicking Reset. Then manually set any settings you may have changed.

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    mfarlie Guest

    Default Re: Problem upgrading from ZAISS 7.0.462.000 to 7.0.470.000

    Sorry HammerNU, upgrades should work rather than give hours of grief and potential loss of settings. I object to wasting most of a morning trying to regain control of the PC and reinstall the old version.

    Also, to take your argument to its logical conclusion, when you decide to install a Windows service pack do you do a clean install? Most organisations and, I suspect, many individuals would find this a supremely impractical idea.

    No, software suppliers need to get upgrades to work properly and to recognise any situations where they cannot be applied successfully and back off, leaving the old version intact.

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