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Thread: This is why you should install/upgrade

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    geoffjg Guest

    Default This is why you should install/upgrade

    In the past I, like many now posting here, have experienced problems
    with installing/upgrading ZA software, but with the help and assistance provided by the GURU's and other seasoned campaigners who visit these boards I have always managed to resolve the issue.With the regard to latest upgrade I have now updated ZASS on three seperate computers without a single issue (as I did with the last upgrade come to that). Tonight I downloaded my emails as usual, and amongst these was a fraudulent mail purporting to originate from
    Nat West. This
    phishing mail contained a Trojan-Spy.HTML.ZASS
    dealt with
    the threat
    placing the would be nasty
    into quarantine, from
    where I have since been able to delete it very simply.So to all those now experiencing installation difficulties
    persevere this product is well worth it.To the ZA staff and GURU's on here ....Gentlemen I salute you

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: This is why you should install/upgrade

    Thank you for posting a positive message; it's refreshing and reaffirms my /(and all of those who contribute to this forum) commitment and hopes.

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    Default Re: This is why you should install/upgrade

    Thank you for your positive feedback and support...
    Nice to hear from time to time some good news!

    ..... and thank you for taking the time to report about it.


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