I am using WIndows XP with SP2.
I am running AVG Free anti-virus and Spyware Doctor, although I have done what I can to disable the automatic start-up of Spyware Doctor as previous upgrades have corrupted the SD database.
I have downloaded the new zone alarm install file 3 times, each time the File Copy hangs at 53% when copying ....\Temp\041508164705\imtdnov\x32\klif.cat (or something like that).
The first time I tried I was doing an install over an old copy, to make my computer work after that I had to uninstall Zone Alarm through add/remove programs, the third time I deleted all the files and even carried out the regedit recommended by "fax".
It's the first time I've ever edited the registry so was rather concerned.
After the file hangs I have to reboot and select the option to use the last successful configuration.
At the moment I'm rather despondent - whilst Zone Alarm ran successfully for years, I have followed the urgent recommendation that kept popping up on my screen and now - disaster - no firewall at all (except Windows XP firewall, which by the way was NOT running on the first occasion I tried to install).

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)