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Thread: "ZoneAlarm.xml could not be opened. Access denied."

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    Default "ZoneAlarm.xml could not be opened. Access denied."

    ZA update will direct your to the download page of your ZA.
    You have full control on the update... the ZA open the webpage where you can download the update.

    Don't panic, don't read too many forum posts and everything will go well


    I was assured by a "guru" that I was just paranoid about installing ZoneAlarm Anti-virus upgrade. So I went ahead... and after attempting the upgrade, I get a message that my ZoneAlarlm.xml file could not be read.

    Here's what I did:

    1. Unchecked the start on boot feature withing ZA.
    2. Backed up my xml security settings file.
    3. Downloaded the exe file with I.E that I was taken to when the infamous "pop-up" box appeared.
    4. Restarted my computer.
    5. Ran the file.
    6. And then got the error, noted above, which then aborted the upgrade.

    So, now I have no protection!

    Operating System: Windows XP Pro
    Software Version: 7.0
    Product Name: ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    Default Re: "ZoneAlarm.xml could not be opened. Access denied."

    Then remove the current ZA installed... (add/remove programs)

    DOUBLE check that the following folder are not anymore on your system:

    "Internet Logs" (under Windows folder)
    "Zone Labs" (under your Program Files folder)
    "Zonelabs" (under your Windows System32 folder)

    If they are remove them and empty the trash bin.

    Install again and restore your backup settings.

    P.S. The fact that you were not able to install even with ZA OFF, shows there is something more into your system that do not allow full access to ZA install or modify files. I don't know what is it, unfortunately remote checking is really difficult.

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