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Thread: Re: ZAPro V8 Freezing and Crashing Vista (Business)

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    Subject: Windows security fix KB954430 - system freeze with ZA anti-virus 8

    Windows XP Pro. ZA anti-virus 8: Windows security update with XML core services 4.0 service pack 2 KB954430 caused my XP Pro to freeze within a couple minutes after system came up. Many restarts, same thing. Finally after uuninstalling Windows updates, system no longer froze. Only user program running, according to system montitor was ZA. The installation on Vista went with no problem.

    Just me or anyone else?

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    coolfire Guest

    Default Re: ZAPro V8 Freezing and Crashing Vista (Business)

    Further. Upon removing ZA Anti-Virus V8 from auto start up list, the freezing stopped immediately. Until ZA was removed from auto start up my XP Pro froze everytime within the first few minutes, usually within 1-2 minutes. As pointed out earlier, this was concurrent with the installation of Windows most recent series of security fixes. After windows settles down following start up, I then open ZA and no further problems.

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