I installed ZA on my computer running Vista Business. After the install I only get local access. I checked to make sure microsoft firewall was off and I have no other security software running. Only other software on computer is "System mech 7","registry repair", "innsoft checkinn" ,"adobe reader 8" and "microsoft office 2007". I had norton system works on, but uninstalled it.
I unchecked the zonealarm boot on startup and restarted the computer, still no internet access. I had to uninstall ZA before the internet access would come back.
On ZA the firewall settings were:
Internet zone = HighTrusted Zone = Medium
Network Number = Trusted ZoneDns = Trusted zoneLoopback Adapter = Trusted Zone
We have two of the same computer (Shuttle xpc) running Vista business and ZA won't allow internet access on either. Any ideas. I have ZA runniing on all our XP machines and it works fine on our Network.

Operating System:Windows Vista Business
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite