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Thread: ZA Free Upgrade Error

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    timbit Guest

    Default ZA Free Upgrade Error

    System Currently running the following:-
    Vista Home Premium with all the latest patches and upgrades except SP1.- ZA Free 7.1.078 for Vista- McAfee Virus Scan (not Security Suite): 8.1.173 Security Centre, 12.1.110 VirusScan 2.6.2653 Site Advisor (updated to today's signatures)All this running on a Toshiba Laptop P200-FT9.
    I received a notice from ZA that there was an update.
    I downloaded the upgrade file for 7.1.248.

    Now here is where the problem begins.
    When I run this upgrade, I first get a notice that this update is required prior to upgrading for Vista SP1.
    I click OK to install.
    The installation stops shortly afterwards indicating that this version of ZA free is incompatible with this version of McAfee and aborts the installation.
    My current installation runs without issue and have configured Windows update to not automatically update to SP1.
    I am in no rush to install SP1 (hear there are some issues), I
    am not willing to unistall McAfee (especially when I only have the virusscan version) and
    have no desire to run beta versions of ZA free.
    However at some point it may be necessary to move to SP1.
    So my question is, is there a workaround to this problem or is this problem being worked on.
    I have using ZA Free and McAfee since 2000 with Win98SE and WinXP without problems and without compatibility problems.
    So this little problem is unacceptable.

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free Upgrade Error

    Just and idea worth trying:
    If the free version for Vista is really a ZASS (as it is for XP), it might contain Kaspersky AV drivers. KAV is great, but just doesn't want to see any traces of any other security things.
    Suppose you totally clean out your McAfee AV, then install ZA, then put McA back in. Might work. No promises, I don't have your system to try it on.

    Have you been able to run ZA free version 7 on XP with no problems?

    BTW, even if there are hidden items in ZA free, ZA free is still just a firewall. Do you really have to update it? If the current version works fine, I'd just leave it alone. But I guess you may need it for SP1 of Vista, right? Ouch.

    Checkout Antivir Avira - if it exists for Vista, it's a superb antivirus, stronger than McAfee. And it's likely free. Or get ZASS to have what you need.

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