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Thread: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

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    prodad Guest

    Default Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    I have been unable to install the last few upgrades from version 7.0.362.000. Each time I get the upgrade notification I give it a try and get the same result. I download the file, start the install, it gets past the introductory screens (license acceptance, folder selection, etc.), shuts down Zone Alarm and then...nothing. No window saying it's trying to install. Nothing. Just my desktop. Task Manager says nothing is running. I ususally just skip the upgrade and continue using the 362 version, but I'm sure that's not the best way to go. Maybe this time someone can help me. Here's my info. Let me know if you need to know something else.ZA Security Suite version 7.0.362.000TruVector Security engine ver 7.0.362.000Driver version 7.0.362.000Anti-virus eng ver 3, DAT file version 20070805085001Anti-spyware engine ver 5.0172.0, DAT file ver 01.200701.795Anti-spam ver
    Dell Dimension 4600Pentium 4 at 3.06 GHz2.5 GB RAMWin XP Home Edition version 2002 SP2
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    Download the latest version from here:

    Follow these instructions:
    Uninstall followed by clean install

    1) Uncheck Overview > Preferences > Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup

    2) Backup Security Settings

    3) Reboot

    4) Install ZoneAlarm; when prompted, choose Clean Install

    5) Restore Security Settings
    If you're not experiencing any problems, you can back up and restore your settings by going to Overview > Preferences > Backup and Restore Security Settings.

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    prodad Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    I downloaded version 7.0.473.000 then , after a couple of failed attempts, got the old version uninstalled.
    When I try to install .473 it gets as far as:

    Copying Files:
    ...then stops. I open task manager and it says it's not responding. Tried twice. Stopped at the same point.
    Any additional suggestions are appreciated as now I do not have any version running.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    I'm glad to hear you decided to go to 7.0.473.0. It fixed (for me) all of the prior minor problems and has been running with no problems. You should be able to do the same after doing the following. First, Make absolutely certain that you are not actively running any other security software in the background. Norton and McAfee after uninstall need to have a special uninstaller run that can be obtained from their website. For the following steps, you probably will want to skip steps 1) and 7) since you probably don't have a working ZoneAlarm at this time and even if you did, it might be best to start with fresh settings. Do steps 2) and 4) only if you're able to access the uninstall shortcut. I've left in all the steps so that you can save the entire sequence for the next time. I always do this procedure to install a new version of ZoneAlarm and have never had any problems. Either go to the website in 5) and
    save the instructions in a text file
    before starting step 1), or else you'll need to boot in Safe Mode with networking. I use Safe Mode without networking and that way, my computer is not exposed to the Internet while ZoneAlarm is not installed.

    Clean uninstall followed by install

    1) Backup Security Settings

    2) Append " /clean /rmlicense" (without quotes) to ZoneAlarm uninstall shortcut target

    3) Reboot into, and continue in, Safe Mode until installed ZoneAlarm requests first reboot

    4) Uninstall from shortcut


    6) Install ZoneAlarm

    7) Restore Security Settings

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    prodad Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    Okay. I followed the instructions as best I could. There was no Uninstall shortcut to select since Add/Remove programs said I did uninstall it. The two times I tried to install the new version (earlier today) it did copy some files over before getting stuck where I stated earlier. So that's why Add/Remove programs had something there to select. It only showed like 7.3MB there to remove and apparently it did remove it. (At least it said it did.)
    So tonight I went into Safe Mode and searched for all the files per the post instructions. It found 15 items (two were folders). I deleted them all and re-searched just to make sure. Then I did the registry edit as instructed.
    I rebooted in normal mode and tried to install version 473, but it got stuck again at the exact same spot as I described in the previous post. I used Add/Remove to uninstall the 7.3MB it left me with. Then I searched again for those files and it found 7 instead of 15.
    So they are still there and I have no ZoneAlarm.
    I appreciate your help so far. Any other suggestions??

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    prodad Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    BY the way, I tried to run Photoshop Elements this morning and it said my "...user name, organization, or serial number are missing or invalid" and it shut down. Clearly I deleted something I should not have.
    Do I need to reinstall photoshop?

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    prodad Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    I just tried to do a system restore to the checkpoint from yesterday a.m. before I deleted all those Zone Labs files or editted the registry, but I still can't open photoshop. I also can't remove it. When I open Add/Remove Programs I can't remove ANYTHING. There is no "Add/Remove" button next to any of the items in the list. What's up with that?
    I'm starting to get a little panicky here...I sure hope you or someone
    can help.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    As long as you deleted only what was in the instructions, you didn't do anything wrong or cause any new problems. I hate to say it but from what you're telling me, especially Add or Remove Programs, it sounds like XP has major corruption. First, I would suggest running chkdsk on C:. Open Windows Explorer, right-click on drive C: and select Properties, Tools, Check Now, check both options and click Start, click OK to the message, and reboot. Windows will check and repair any disk errors it finds, although I don't think that's the problem.
    If there are still problems, you could boot from your Windows CD and perform a Recovery Install. That might solve the problem.
    But the best solution would be to download, from the Dell website, the latest Ethernet or NIC driver and chipset driver for you motherboard. Save these to a data CD or external disk drive. Then boot from the Windows CD, delete all partitions, format C:, and install Windows. Make sure you back all all your personal or important data first.
    Best wishes.

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    prodad Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    Well something in those instructions caused me to delete something I should not have. Tonight I did a system restore back to a point about 4 days ago and my ADD/REMOVE programs option has returned and Photoshop is working again.
    So I tried to install ZASS 473 again but it still sticks on the zaquarantine.dll file.
    Are there any
    other ways to verify that everything is uninstalled from a previous version?

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade Installer for 7.0.470.000 stops running

    The only way to find out if everything was uninstalled from a previous version is to check for the files and directories listed in the link in my second post in this thread. For the files, you can check the properties of each one, specifically the Company name in the Version tab, before deleting it. It should say "Zone Labs, LLC" or perhaps something similar. If it doesn't, just don't delete it. Although not necessary, I always do my uninstall in Safe Mode and my install in Safe Mode until
    the install
    requests the first reboot. Then I continue in Normal Mode.

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