I download the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite
trial version from here: http://www.zonealarm.com/store/conte...GB&lang=en
I have no idea that it is not compatible with Windows Vista. I didn't read carefully enough as I'm new in using
Windows Vista. So, my problem is when I install this program, it doesn't installed properly. The installation process just frozen and it didn't move at all. Just freeze. Then, I'm not sure what to do so I switch off the power and restart my computer. When, it restarting the Windows couldn't open and have to use System Restore. So, when I'm successfully in, I've tried to uninstall this program from the Control Panel, in uninstall/change programs. But I couldn't locate any of this Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite program. This program is not installed in
my computer but the components is still in my computer and I can't delete all of them because of improper installation process earlier. The Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite folder in my program files have been deleted manually. All the files and folders which is visible to me has been deleted by manually.
After that, I'm not aware that there are leftover from the improper installation of this program. I download a free antivirus from AVG antivirus and try to install it in my computer. But it had detected another antivirus was installed in my computer. I didn't continue the installation of AVG antivirus. So, I'm having a big headache here because I'm not very good in handling computer.
Please can someone help me to find the missing components and deleted them all so that I can install this AVG antivirus?
I'll appreciate with all the helps that I can get. Thanks in advance. I really do need your helps!

Operating System:Windows Vista Home Basic
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite