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Thread: Yahoo Mail Problem When Running ZA Pro

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    Recently I've had this problem when composing e-mail on Yahoo and trying to insert addresses into the "TO" box. When I check mark the addresses in my saved addresses box and then click on "insert addresses" nothing appears in the "TO" box. However, if I disable ZA and enable the Windows firewall everything operates normally. Any idea on how I can configure ZA to allow these addresses to be added into the "TO" box when composing? I don't know what I may have done other than try to download the update from ZA. I had trouble installing this, so there may be some correlation. Thanks...

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    Hi!two main things to try:1. Go to ZA program control --> programs --> Scroll down and search your broswer (IE? Firefox?) ensure that is (are) set to SuperTrusted (three green bars) 2. If you still have problems try to turn OFF everything under ZA privacy control (cookies, adblocking and mobile control)Cheers,Fax

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