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    ealdric Guest

    Default License Key Clarification

    I am having trouble reading part of my key. It is all in caps, but I can't tell if I am seeing the letter I or the number 1. The pertinent section goes "3qc15-13sqkc". Does anyone know what conventions ZA uses in this regard?

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    naivemelody Guest

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    With the Email license and printed License on the sleeve of a retail box - they will be printed with Capital Letters and Numbers. Some people may mistake:
    - the
    captial letter
    (O) for
    > # Zero (0)
    = { no letter "O/o" },-
    or capital letter ' I ' { Inside } for
    # 1, there are
    letter ' I and # 1 ', the number is more prevalent
    or mistake two letters VV
    { Voluptuous } as a W = really two V's together {actual reported case}; of course there are ' V ' and ' W '- there is no letter &quot; L / l &quot; { Lady } large case nor small case <hr>5.) After you input your license key into the appropriate area of ZA, you will see 'small case letters and large numbers' translation. Now please restart/ reboot.<hr>&quot;3qc15-13sqkc&quot; = it appears as small letters and large numbers<hr>Click here &gt;<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 6-15-08 - I.O.U. - Freeze

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