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Thread: Can't boot up after installing the ZA internet acccess 'fix'

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    esbo Guest

    Default Can't boot up after installing the ZA internet acccess 'fix'

    Well I just downloaded and ran the ZA update and got a bit of a shock.
    When I rebooted after the install there was a lot of disk thrashing as I expeced
    after the install but the screen remained blank.
    After the thrashing had finished it was still blank and I was worried, so I left it ten
    minutes, still blank .

    I tried rebooting into recovery but that didn't seem to work, it said it could not recover
    and that I needed to reboot into recovery mode or something. (which I had just done) so I just exited,
    maybe it had recovered already I don't know.

    Anyway I took a chance and rebooted normally and it seemed to work, screen working and desktop appeared

    The ZA set-up thing (set-up) came one and I went through it but I quit it when it asked to automatically configure my firewall (I didn't thrust it anymore )

    So it is all fine now apart from the auto-config, but it seems 'configured' anyway, it
    has the list of programs and firewall options for them.

    I am not sure what happened but it seemed like it had used my old graphics card
    drivers (I got a new card a week ago), when I installed that I got the same
    blank screen, however now I remember, I sorted that by checking cables and
    that the memory was seated properly (and cleaned the motherboard a bit).
    So the graphic card drivers 'thing' might be a red herring.


    I rebooted agian and had the exact same problem, blannk screen etc...

    Again I rebooted into recovery mode, but I just did what I did before, exited as soon as
    I got the 'Windows c:>' prompt.
    I again rebooted normally and it was fine again?

    What should I do? Am I right about it using old drivers and is recovery, although I did not
    actually do anything in recovery mode, fixing it?


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    esbo Guest

    Default Re: Can't boot up after installing the ZA internet acccess 'fix'

    OK I unchecked the load Zone alarm at start up box, as specified in a similar problem.
    It rebooted fine after that.

    I am leaving it as it is for the time being though, I won't be doing the rest of what it
    specifed regarding installing it as I had already installed it so it is unclear as to
    what action I should take?

    Should I just instal it *again*
    Or uninstall it then reinstall it?

    I don't know because did not say - so not too helpful there.

    Anyway I am leaving it as it is with ZA not loaded.

    I guess I should uninstall it but I am going to leave it as it is untill I have rebooted successfully again.

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    esbo Guest

    Default Re: Can't boot up after installing the ZA internet acccess 'fix'

    When I rebooted again the problem reoccured.
    Hence I uninstalled it completely and have since reoobted twice in a row successfully.

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    hammernu Guest

    Default Re: Can't boot up after installing the ZA internet acccess 'fix'

    You should be able to install again from Safe Mode. When the installation requests a reboot, continue in Normal Mode. If you still have problems, do the following:

    1) Append " /clean /rmlicense" (without quotes) to ZoneAlarm uninstall shortcut target

    2) Reboot into, and continue in, Safe Mode with Internet until installed ZoneAlarm requests first reboot

    3) Uninstall from shortcut


    5) Install ZoneAlarm

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