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Thread: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

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    jimboh Guest

    Default Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

    I'm using an old version of free ZoneAlarm firewall 6.5.737.000 because I haven't been able to find a newer version with the same capabilities. I already run anti-virus and anti-spyware applications on my systems. All of the new ZA products are "suites" which include AV, AS, and firewall functions. I've only been able to find the ZA suites which include all 3 functions.
    I haven't installed Microsoft KB951748 on any of my systems because of the conflict with my ZA firewall. I've tried to install a couple of the versions that are supposed to work with the MS update but all of them say they include an anti-virus function and refuse to install because I already have an AV product running. Version 70_483_000 specifically says it is a firewall only but it also refuses to install because of my anti-virus program.
    Is anyone aware of a free ZoneAlarm firewall-only product that works with with the Microsoft KB951748 patch?
    Thank you for your help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

    Yes the ZA free 6.1 and the ZA 5.5 will perform well with the conflicting MS update.
    I am using the older ZA 5.5 with the SP3 and all of the latest updates with no issues.

    Download the ZA installer from the here, then uninstall the present version 6.5 and then install the older version. Then get the rest of the MS updates.

    Best regards.
    Best regards.

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    jimboh Guest

    Default Re: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

    Thank you, Oldsod for your reply.
    Are you saying these old versions 5.5 and 6.1 will do as well as my present 6.5 except that they will live with the MS update? That's a surprise!
    I downloaded the file for version 6.1. When I try to run it I get an error that says it's not a valid Win32 application.

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    pwillener Guest

    Default Re: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

    "not a valid Win32 application" means that your download file is corrupted; download it again, then install the new download.

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    jimboh Guest

    Default Re: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?


    I have downloaded the 6.1 file several times and am still receiving the same error.
    The file appears to be corrupted on the ZoneLabs site.

    Thank you.

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    rinfrance Guest

    Default Re: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

    Your continual not win 32 MAY be because it is not unzipped correctly, and or your download is just going to the same old same old, try renaming the file BEFORE you save it. I have been having that problem with IE8 tonite. I dl it 4 or 5 times but it still does not want to know.
    I will dl it onto another machine and see what happens.
    Incidentally do you have a modem firewall as well?

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    jimboh Guest

    Default Re: Is there a "ZoneAlarm" free firewall-only?

    The corrupted 6.1 file on the website has been changed out for a new one. The new file is more than double the size of the old. I installed version 6.1 on a test machine. I'm disappointed to see it's a "PRO" version with an antivirus and antispyware along with the firewall function I wanted. I may be able to disable the unneeded functions. I'm still experimenting with it. The version 6.4 I've been using is a firewall only.

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