Previously running Mcafee, switched to Zone Alarm Security Suite.

Completly removed Mcafee, including following the instructions on their web site to delete the appropriate registry entries.

XP Pro SP3 with all updates installed. Celeron 2.8 Ghz, SATA OS drive, 1 Gb RAM.

Cannot update either the antivirus or the spyware files.

I have completely removed ZA, including registry entries.
I am running the latest 7.0.483.000, Anti Virus engine 915051681
Anti-spyware engine

when trying to update the Antivirus, or anti spyware I receive the following errors:
Error Unable to connect
couldn't resolve host name ("")

I have added this to the ZA trusted sites, including other ZA sites.
IE 7 works fine
Firefox works fine
Outlook works fine
I can ping which returns
I have added to the ZA trusted list
If I enter into Firefox I can download the file
I can then open the file using a zip file extraction tool and see the contents which are uncorrupted

I've tried everything, but it will not connect with and download the new antivirus and anti-spyware files.
I've even tried earlier versions of ZA

What else can I try?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite