I got the message that the program wanted to update this morning, so I happily let it start to update away... only to have it
stop about halfway and say that truevector couldn't initialize and that it would have to stop - and that I needed to go to the service smothing or another and stop it -- but of course I couldn't.... but it kept downloading files... so I thought it was fine.
Then it stopped again and asked for a password.
I didn't know what it meant.
I thought maybe it mwas asking for the one I set for access to certain sites on the internet and settings -- so I put that one in -- and it downloaded a few more seconds and then stopped again and said that it could not continue as I did not have access and that I should try again from the administrator.
I am the admin on my computer -- and I was logged in as the admin...
Now the program is half installed - half deleted... it won't run.
It won't let me delete it because I don't have access... I tried going to a restore point -- but that didn't work...
It even has messed up another anti-virus program I was running (I know I didn't need it - but call me paranoid) now I have nothing working as that one now won't access the internet or run in the background --
probably because
Zone Alarm told it to do it!
I tried going to re-download the original from the website -- but that is the new one -- with the truevector (whatever that is) that isn't working -- and so I am still stuck.
Any ideas?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite