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Thread: Upgrade for xp and/or vista

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    bjh Guest

    Default Upgrade for xp and/or vista

    Quick Question.Is the upgrade version 8.0.020 just for xp only or is it also for vista? The xp indicated there was an upgrade (8.0.020) but did not show any for vista. But in the purchase web site; it shows that the same version will work on both xp and vista.Got both xp computers upgraded with no problems. Still have the vista as version 7.1.248.I know there was a difference in the versions for the operating sysytems before; is that the same way or is the same version the same for xp and vista?I guess that was two questions.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    bjh Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade for xp and/or vista

    Just got my first question answered. Checked the vista and stated that there was an upgrade so installed it. No problems with install.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Upgrade for xp and/or vista

    Yes, there is a new ZoneAlarm
    8.0.015 > 8.0.020
    / 2009 version

    as of 8-25-08 / 9-3-08.

    Important Notice:
    [ This new version is a "Unified XP/ Vista 32 bit" compatible
    installation/ download; you can download this version to any XP or Vista pc/ laptop {no 64 bit OS and 2000 pc's are not supported with this version} - you may still use 7.0.483 with your 2000 pc.(ZA Free version has not been updated to this version,... <hr>Click here for more info &gt;
    - ok. I haven't updated for 8.0.020 - but I will soon; it was just released 9-3-08. Remember you always have the 'option' to upgrade or not - and to which version you 'rather stay with.'<hr>
    You can try this: just prior to new downloading attempt, on your current ZA &gt; go to &quot;Overview&quot; &gt; Preferences &gt; General - &quot;uncheck the box for&quot; = 'Load ZoneAlarm at startup' &gt; click once, wait - it may take a few
    seconds for it to register, but it will clear the box.[*]
    Please restart/ reboot. &lt;[*]&gt;
    Now, download and install your new 8.0. Unloading the current/ old version will ensure less conflicts between the old version and new version; after install you will have to re-start your pc. { This is a Super Tip - that will help prevent some 'true vector issues' on upgrades/ updates }<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 9-4-08 - One - U2<ul>[/list][/list]

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