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Thread: Zone Alarm V8 prevents shut-down

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    simonw Guest

    Default Zone Alarm V8 prevents shut-down

    I did a clean install of V8 over my existing V7. It changed the appearance of several web pages I often look at including BT Yahoo and Windows Hotmail sign-in pages. But the big problem is that the PC would not let me change users or shut down - it gets stuck at the "Saving Your Settings" stage. I tried several times but had to use the power switch every time.

    I've now completely uninstalled V8 and put back the V7 (luckily I kept the installation file) and all the problems have gone.

    If someone can advise of a guaranteed fix maybe I'll try V8 again, otherwise I'll stick with V7.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    youngjm Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm V8 prevents shut-down

    Fixes have not been identified yet. Had the same problem as you, tried all the clean unintsall instructions here and still the same issue. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. The issue does appear to be wide spread!

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    dfochil Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm V8 prevents shut-down

    I am having exactly the same combination of problems on the only
    one of our several computers on the home network which I updated to V8. The un-updated computers continue to function normally, so it's clearly another Zone Alarm issue.

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