I installed v8.00 ZAISS yesterday.

Today my IE v7.0 is not working (will not connect to internet). I tried to repair the installation to no avail. I will try again. When I look into the Program permissions in ZAIIS, I cannot find an entry for Internet Explorer. I ONLY see an entry for > IE Per-User Initialization Utility.

Additionally, my PatLive account online will not play any message online in FireFox v3.0 any more - the way this works is that I click on an audio message, then a window pops open with a small MS WMPlayer in it. The message is downloaded and then the message starts to play automatically. Everything seems to be working OK, except the audio message will not start to play automatically any more. I can download the MP3 message to my computer and play it with v 11 of Windows Media Player.

I have reported this to Support... waiting for response.

Any ideas on what the issue is? - all these issues appeared after I updated ZAIIS to v8.0 - so I suspect ZAIIS v 8.0.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite