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Thread: ZAISS Ver 8 Slow Shutdown

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    albs Guest

    Default ZAISS Ver 8 Slow Shutdown

    I have tried all of the fixes for slow shutdown. Tried Win XP sp3 and 2 tried different machines. I think it is just bad code. I have gone back to version 7 and that seems to work fine Time wait for a real fix.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    hp1480 Guest

    Default Re: ZAISS Ver 8 Slow Shutdown

    I am also having problems with zone alarm 8 .It just hangs on save your settings when you log off.I am able to get around it by shutting down ZA seconds before I shut down.Now I shut down in seconds ,a hellova
    way to shut down but it works .Hope I don't get a virus in the 5 secs after I shut down ZA.Maybe there is hope ,I have another computer with ZA 7 and I have not been prompted to upgrade to ZA 8 nor is it in preferences .Which leads me to believe ZA is working on it and wont let you upgrade until theyr'e finished.

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    Default Re: ZAISS Ver 8 Slow Shutdown to the Zone Alarm User Forum..I'm Sorry your having a problem with Version 8.0VERY IMPORTANT: Please Report the details of your Problem Directly to ZA Tech Support for FREE at (preferably withIE Browser)The more Users that Report this AV/AS Update or Slow Shut Down problem directly to Tech Support, with their Details and what they did to try and resolve the issue, the Sooner Tech support will find a FIX for the problem..Tech Support may ask for your ZA Log Files, and tell you how to do that..---------------------------------I Suggest going back to ZASS Version 7.0.483.000Until the Developers come up with a Fix..Go to the following Forum Link and follow the Instructions..
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