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Thread: ZoneAlarm PC slowdown

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    ladytd Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm PC slowdown

    Since paying for and downloading the latest version on
    2 computers, my pc has slowed almost to a standstill at times. I couldn't even install it on my newest laptop running Vista Home Edition. I have given up, uninstalled it completely and downloaded a free trial from a rival company. Has anyone any idea how I can solve the problem (especially on my pc running Vista Business) as I hate the thought of throwing the money down the drain or into the recycle bin. Previously I thought ZoneAlarm was the best thing since sliced bread so committed for 2 years!

    Operating System:Windows Vista Business
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    unojack Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm PC slowdown

    Please Report the details of your Problem with ZASS Directly to ZoneAlarm Tech Support for Free at: (preferably with IE Browser) (Because the HTML in the Submit Button) works better with IE..

    The More User Report this problem Directly to tech Support, The more information Tech support has to use in figuring out what is wrong and how to fix it.

    Also, if Tech Support sends you a fix when you forwarded a Help Ticket to them for Help, if the fix DOES NOT work, make sure you tell them it did not work, so they can find the exact cause of your issues.

    Thank you

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    ldill Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm PC slowdown

    Same prob last night on my XP SP2 desktop. Slowed to a crawl. User logins took 10+ minutes then couldn't really do anything once in.
    I'll report it but thought I'd mention that doing a System restore might be quicker than uninstalling ZA and installing previous version or something else. That's what I did this morning and it's back to normal.
    I will say that whenever I've upgraded ZA there's an initial learning curve the program goes through that seems to slow it down some. I review the default settings to make sure it's not so tightly screwed down that it won't function. Usually after several boots and leaving it alone for awhile it sorts everything out but it is a pain!
    Good luck!

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    donmorse Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm PC slowdown

    I am having the same issue since upgrading over this past weekend, 09/06/08. Rather than turn off my PC, I always run Start/Run/Switch User to lock the machine when I am done using it. Now, when I try to log back in, the delay is 2 minutes or more just to get the password prompt, then another minute after the password is entered. I have been using this same routine for 2 years or more, never a problem such as this.

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