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Thread: ZASS 80_020 behaviors (login, shutdown, microsoft update)

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    dominik_steiger Guest

    Default ZASS 80_020 behaviors (login, shutdown, microsoft update)

    Here I want to point out a few things I've noticed with ZASS 8. I had installed ZASS 80_020 on two IBM T43p XP Pro Sp3 machines. Installing was a nightmare, since the update from ZASS 7.0.483 crashed on both machines - XP ran only in safe mode after that. So I completely removed the program by manual install (thanks to the instructions in this forum). Then I installed ZASS 8 again. This time it run without wrecking the system. However, I observed the following things:

    - the greatly longer shutdown time on both machines (I know this is a known issue)

    - waking from standby (sleep), both machines took minutes until they displayed the XP login page, and then again minutes until the password of a selected user could be entered. This might be related to the shutdown delay.

    - on one of the two machines, I noticed the following: After user login, the HD activity LED shows constant disk access (it's flickering, but mostly green). At the same time, process explorer shows a mostly idle system. The system is almost completely unresponsive (opening a browser window may take minutes). When Zonealarm is manually shut down, the activity ceases and the system becomes responsive again. Interestingly, directly after vsmon quits, one of two microsoft automatic update processes I see in process explorer also quits. When ZASS is turned on afterwards, everything is fine. Could this be a conflict between ZASS and Microsoft automatic update?

    Now I'm back to version 7 and waiting for a working update.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: ZASS 80_020 behaviors (login, shutdown, microsoft update) to the Zone Alarm User Forum..VERY IMPORTANT: Please Report the details of your Problem Directly to ZA Tech Support for FREE at (preferably withIE Browser)The more Users that Report this AV/AS Update or Slow Shut Down problem directly to Tech Support, with their Details and what they did to try and resolve the issue, the Sooner Tech support will find a FIX for the problem..
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    dominik_steiger Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 80_020 behaviors (login, shutdown, microsoft update)

    I've reported it as suggested.

    Regarding the shutdown bug: are there any XP machines that do not show it, or is it a "feature"? How come Check Point releases such a version?

    Honestly, I am losing my patience with the product. I am using Zonealarm for more than five years. In the last one or two years, I seem to have to clean corrupted internet log folders, failed installations etc on a regular basis - basically, whenever something grave happened to my system, it turned out to be problems with ZA.

    And is it asked to much that Check Point delivers installers that remove their own previous versions without a trace? The standard support answer to hundreds of people having whatever problems with ZA seems to be to manually cleanly uninstall, following the intimidating such and so many step procedure.

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