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Thread: Problems When Upgrading and Uninstalling Zone Alarm

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    psychopath Guest

    Default Problems When Upgrading and Uninstalling Zone Alarm

    Hey there,
    To anyone who can help, I have had loads of problems with Zone Alarm, first it started with when I tried to upgrade and it said 'you dont have the proper administrative rights to perform this upgrade' (something to that degree) so I then search the internet for a solution one of the few being
    the regedit/localmachine/software etc, that failed. No one had a solution so I then tried to reinstall ZA and it now says 'Setup is unable to Shut down True Vector Service', another internet search, I found True Vector its disabled!, tried to uninstall still says its running... I am now stumped not to add, annoyed as well, someone help me...please.
    This all happened when
    i tried to update to 'zaSuiteSetup_70_483_000_en' but the strange thing is now if
    I use an older update it comes up with the same error! (I can no longer update ZA)


    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro SP 2
    Software Version:

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    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    tador Guest

    Default Re: Problems When Upgrading and Uninstalling Zone Alarm

    I had some of the same problems you are referring to. I had web access problems and tried to uninstall. I got all of the access denied because not admin, when in fact I am, messages. I
    wanted to go back to
    version .483 and had trouble un-installing 020. I had the
    483 installer still in an archive file.
    I shut down ZA disconnected from the INTERNET, Then uninstall ZA from Windows Control panel add/remove programs. ( be Patient it takes AWOL) once unistalled I did a refresh to be sure, then reconnected to Internet and ran the version .483 installer. After everything was done all my problems went away. I also turned off automatic updates so that 020. doesn't re-install. I thought installing a beta version that the disclaimer said would Not be supported was not an option. Hopefully Checkpoint can get these varied issues cleared up and TESTED before the next release.

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    Default Re: Problems When Upgrading and Uninstalling Zone Alarm

    This sounds like you may still have some left-over ZA files or Registry errors preventing the Install..if you already tried clean uninstall, manual uninstall and SAFE MODE, I am afraid I have no futher suggestion than a OS refresh.Have you peraphs tried this instruction to remove ZA completely?Here: Download a fresh copy of ZASS 7.09.483.000 from here..
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    psychopath Guest

    Default Re: Problems When Upgrading and Uninstalling Zone Alarm

    Hey thanks for the help,I am in the middle of recooperation of ZA, and I have discovered a solution which may work for some. When trying to uninstall Zone Alarm, you cop the 'True Vector cannot be shutdown' thing, well I simply reran the uninstall, as it came to the 'Shutting down True Vector' (you have to perform the next step before the error emerges) open the task manager find 'Vsmon' and end the process. Then it will be 'stopped' momentarily, long enough for the uninstall to finish.I hope that helps other people with the same probem...worked for me!
    I'll get back to the thread if the offered instructions to reinstall ZA work
    Thanks again for the info

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