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Thread: Trojan.Win32 forced ZA will not install????

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    nophonehelpisbs Guest

    Default Trojan.Win32 forced ZA will not install????

    I picked up a Trojan.win32.
    I bought
    saw it but couldnt delete it.
    I was forced to uninstall ZA, (twice), then after
    I installed and cleaned my system with Malwarebytes, I attempted to install ZASS again.
    I keep getting a Windows message saying ZASS -1431 English had to close. Nothing else but the, "Send
    Report" or "Close"
    This happens AFTER I choose what directory to install in, accept the ULA, and enter my e-mail.
    If I click, "Update ZA" I get a
    error box that says 1000.
    The Trojan was playing games with ZA forcing it to run multiple scans at the same time, (without me clicking it) and also opening multiple IE windows connecting to spam / spyware sites all over the world....there was no way to stop it without uninstalling ZASS.
    I then had enough resources to download Malwarebytes.
    A new record...226
    separate spyware, 4 keyloggers and 4 10 minutes.
    Now that its all gone, I need ZASS back up.
    I think I may have turned off a MSconfig startup file that I need to install ZA?
    Or what else could I have done?
    I opened my regedit, but didnt change anything.
    Is it possible the
    trojan killed a file needed to re-install ZA?
    Any help...I really dont want to buy another AS
    / AV program.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    nophonehelpisbs Guest

    Default Re: Trojan.Win32 forced uninstall..fixed...ty

    I used the help topic on upgrading installing
    and it worked.
    Strange how it allowed me to re-install once without trouble, but not the third time.

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