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Thread: The brave heroes who are the ZA vanguard

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    za_avastfan Guest

    Default The brave heroes who are the ZA vanguard

    Dear ZA Forum,

    I would like to wish all the ZA users who have the courage to try the new release the best of luck!

    How long do you think a reasonable waiting time (ie. from forum users' feedback) before installing the latest version?

    Due to my (first!) bad upgrade experience with ZA, I shall await the positive feedback from ZA users on this forum before I attempt to upgrade again.

    Following the forum's advice I downgraded and rolled back to the stable ZA 7.0.483.000 release which has functioned without problem.

    Thanks in advance and good luck!


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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: The brave heroes who are the ZA vanguard

    Hello,This is what we (ZoneAlarm) suggestsWait.When a new release is available for the product which you are running theZoneAlarm clientwill notify you automatically there is an update. That's how we notify you when a new release is available. This is the preferred and recommendedway you should get your new release and not to download manually from the website before that time.Forum Moderator

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