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Thread: vsdatant.sys causes Blue Screen of Death

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    Default vsdatant.sys causes Blue Screen of Death

    vsdatant.sys causes Blue Screen of Death: System WinXP Pro with latest updates, Spybot Search & Destroy Antispyware, Lavasoft Adaware, GDATA Antivirus.
    After using numerous versions of Zonealarm firewall under Win98 and now WinXP Pro I started to get blue screens of death during every shutdown and frequently also during normal operation about 3 months ago. After installing new drivers for all hardware etc, loosing many hours, I finally analysed memory.dmp with the offline debugging tool of Microsoft. It pointed to vsdatant.sys as the culprit. I deinstalled Zonealarm firewall and immediately all problems were gone. I downloaded the lates version of Zonealarm. Whenever I start to install it, I immediately get a Blue Screen of Death, even if I quit GDATA Antivirus, Spybot Search Destroy before installing. I have several other machines with quite the same software, no problem with Zonealarm on them. Any idea what I can do. I am familiar with zonealarm and content with the functions, so I would rather not change my firewall.

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    weisshaeupl Guest

    Default Re: vsdatant.sys causes Blue Screen of Death - somehow solved

    I uninstalled the rest of Zonealarm files etc according to Fax instructions and then reinstalled Zonealarm free. There was a blue screen during installation. At reboot the installation continued and finished. Up to now (about an hour) no more blue screen so far during operation or shutdown. Hopefully it stays like that. Again the debugger accused vsdatant.sys to be the culprit for the crash during installation.

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    weisshaeupl Guest

    Default Re: vsdatant.sys causes Blue Screen of Death - only short relief - problem returned

    The relief was only shortlasting. After a few hours BSOD during operation, therafter every day. Now Zonealarm uninstalled and life is a breeze again.

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