When Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite v8.0??? first came out and I was offered to upgrade from my than current v7.0.743???, I jumped at the chance only to be disappointed because my system would not shut down and to have the icon by the clock always telling me that my Anti-virus on access scan is turned off which is what I prefer. However, with this latest update and the comments from this link http://forum.zonelabs.org/zonelabs/b...ssage.id=82144 , I am so totally impressed with the latest update v8.0.059.000 that I am considering renewing my subscription for this software even though I have 186 days left on my current subscription. My clean install went very smoothly and my system seems to run a little faster than it did with v7.0 especially when performing a full anti-virus/spyware scan. I'm also guessing that someone at Check Point software took notice when I complained about the icon next to the clock yelling at me that I had my on access scanning turned off because I felt it did not need to be on all the time especially when I have scanned my system and found no bugs nor have I had any bug problems in the past two years. Thank you all for the most excellent upgrade to this new update.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite