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Thread: ZAS 8.0.059 randomly hangs my laptop at shutdown.

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    robcab Guest

    Default ZAS 8.0.059 randomly hangs my laptop at shutdown.

    Well it seems that every time ZA makes a major upgrade it takes them several months to get the bugs out. This version is no exception. Having held off upgrading until more favorable reviews of ver.8 started coming in, I took the plunge and upgraded to ZAS 8.0.059, which was sadly a mistake.

    Having been warned during the installation process about the machine appearing sluggish during first use, I stuck with it for 6 days and am now switching back to 7.0.483. Besides slowing down my otherwise very capable laptop to a crawl, it causes random hangs at shutdown. Unfortunately, because my rig is set for maximum battery life when not plugged-in, the screen blanks after 30 seconds, giving the appearance of shutting down even though its frozen, thus I put away the laptop but the battery is still draining. Twice now this has happened to me during the most inopportune time and when I've needed to use it, the battery was next to dead. So now I'm switching back to 7.0.483 and waiting it out until ZA can get the bugs sorted out.

    My configuration:
    Dell Inspiron 9300 Pentium-M 2.26 GHZ, 2 gigs RAM, Nvidia 7800GTX Go, XP Media Center SP3 and all subsequent updates. No other AV or anti-spyware.


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    bgm Guest

    Default Re: ZAS 8.0.059 randomly hangs my laptop at shutdown.

    I have had the same issues with all the 8.x.x versions. My laptop always hung with previous versions, and now is random like yours. I have narrowed it down to the use of USB ports, and/or running some programs in UPnP mode. One of the gurus pointed me to a website that dealt with the USB error, but it only applied to Windows 2000/Me. I've also reported all of these problems to the ZASS tech support, with no real response. This time they didn't even ask for my error log file. I guess we will see if .59 has the mass errors that .20 had in the next week or so... ZASS 8.x.x has been a mess from the word go...


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