Just so I am absolutely on the same page, I believe I have read that this new ZASS 8.0 upgrade being offered REQUIRES my XP systems (one is Home, the main one is Pro) to be on SP3. Am I correct in that assessment?

That is a problem as I have no intention of moving to SP3 until the bleeding has stopped on the MS end...will the current 8.02 version be supported in the short-term?

Also, one last "newbie" question: I see that I should uncheck the load ZA at startup, boot down and then boot up to run the install. Obviously, I am now running without any protection and I want to know if the installation will be done to completion if I remove my Net wire?

Thanks in advance for the clarification and help on this very serious matter...I swear, I have spent more time "protecting" my PC than actually using it for enjoyment. Since I don't get paid for my two PCs worth of fun, I am starting to think an Apple is the way to go just to have my life back! Okay, rant over...LOL! Enjoy the day or evening...depending on where you are!

Operating System:
Windows XP Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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