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Thread: ZAISS 8.0.059 slows down everything

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    mikerain Guest

    Default ZAISS 8.0.059 slows down everything

    I have:
    A 3GHz Pentium with 1GB of RAM
    Cable modem connection to the internet.
    Windows XP Home SP 2
    I just upgraded ZAISS to 8.0.059.

    After the ZAISS upgrade, most things on my computer are now slow. When Web browsing, not only is it slow, but many web pages do not load and I instead get a message saying it could not load the page. When I click 'retry', the page usually loads. That has happened on sites such as Yahoo and the ZA forum itself. When sending emails, I often get a message that the smtp server is unavailable.

    It isn't clear to me whether I should have installed Windows XP SP 3 before upgrading ZAISS to 8.0.059. The system requirements state that I need "XP Service Packs 2 and 3". Does that mean ZAISS will support SP 2? Or does it mean I must have SP 3? If so, stating "2 and 3" is confusing because of course you can't have 3 without 2 (or 1).

    Should I uninstall ZAISS 8.0.059 and go back to 7.0.483? I saw that recommendation on this forum, but in connection with 8.0.020, so I don't know if the recommendation still stands for 8.0.059.

    If I install SP 3, will I then be able to install 8.0.059 and not have the slowness issues?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    cclupper Guest

    Default Re: ZAISS 8.0.059 slows down everything

    FYI, I tried both ZA 80.0.020 and 80.0.059 with SP3 and had a horrible experience. For example, it took 14 minutes to print the 2 page e-mail from Microsoft! I ended up having to go back to SP2. I again tried clean installs of both the 80 versions and then Microsoft Word 2003 crashed regularly. I'm now back to 7.0.483 after spending the last three days trying to get both Windows and ZA to work at the same time.

    Obviously ZA has some major problems!

    Regards, Chuck

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    mikerain Guest

    Default Re: ZAISS 8.0.059 slows down everything

    Thanks Chuck. It sounds like the problem is with ZA, regardless of whether you have SP 2 or 3. I went ahead and uninstalled ZAISS 8 and reinstalled 7.0.483. All is OK again.

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