Installed ZASS version on my two Win XP Home computers.
One has regular Z showing in lower right tray.
The other now has 2 Zs in lower right tray.

What is the purpose of the 2nd Z?
Does anyone know why it showed up on one computer and not the other?
Is this a problem?
There is only one other entry about 2 Zs in the forum and their message was not answered.
Skipperone on 7/23/08 asked this same question.

One Z icon bubble shows "ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite".
The other Z bubble shows "ZoneAlarm Options".
When I click on the latter, it has to do with configuring mailing lists.
There is also a registration option which when opened states "Buy Now" and asks me for my license key.
However, it will not accept my active ZAISS license key number.
It will only accept 4 digits at the end of the license key string and my key has 5 digits.
Keeps telling me "Incomplete or Invalid license key".
When I choose "About", version displays and this corresponds to AntiSpam Version number displayed in the standard ZAISS control center overview window -> Product Info ->Version Information.
Any help/advice is appreciated.
Thank you

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite