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Thread: Zone Alarm 8 and KB951748

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    Default Zone Alarm 8 and KB951748

    The problem of compatibility of ZA with the Microsoft windows XP security update (KB951748) caused many computers to lose access to the internet when ZA was running. ZA came out with an updated version to circumvent the problem: zlsSetup_70_337_000_en.exe.

    When I tried to install this file my operating system files were destroyed and I could never boot the computer again. I know some others experienced this problem, though many folks did not. I am, as you might expect, gun shy now to even trying the update again as it took weeks to reinstall the OS and all the apps (with appropriate tweakings of settings) and to restore the saved data files.

    Now...there is a version 8 ZA. In perusing the forums, I see many are having performance problems with this version. I would like to try the free version first, provided it is compatible with the above-mentioned MS security (KB951748) update (and all of SP3) AND provided no one has experienced installation problems even remotely similar to the disaster I had with the update to version 7, allegedly designed to deal with the KB951748 security update incompatibility in the previous versions.

    Any thoughts, insights, personal experiences or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    Default Re: Zone Alarm 8 and KB951748

    There is no Version 8.0 of ZAFree available yet..ZAFree 7.0.483.000 is the latest version..
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    Default Re: Zone Alarm 8 and KB951748

    Well, I downloaded the setup files (zaSetup_en.exe) for the ZA free today from the ZA site (I haven't installed). So the implication is that it's free.

    That version, ZAFree 7.0.483.000, is the version that already destroyed my entire system. I couldn't possibly consider trying it again. At best, the outcome is unpredictable.


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    chicknew Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm 8 and KB951748

    To correct a initial post named the incorrect version of ZA as problematic to install, but it was the version in the post immediately preceding this one, released in July, that was the culprit, actually. Sorry for the confusion.


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