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Thread: Is ZAP 8.59 Norton Antivirus "aware" ?

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    grazie Guest

    Default Is ZAP 8.59 Norton Antivirus "aware" ?

    Hello - In ZAP 7 I had a tab/menu reassuringly displaying Norton. Where is this now? Should I be worried? Is there any documentation alerting me/us to any changes relating to this?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZAP 8.59 + Norton Antivirus "no anti-virus monitoring"

    Click here &gt;<hr>ZoneAlarm is 'phasing out' the anti-virus monitoring feature in 8.0
    versions; nevertheless, Anti-virus monitoring is more of &quot;convenience rather than an essential security concern.&quot; No worries. ZoneAlarm not recognizing your anti-virus does not indicate incompatibility or any problems.<hr>As long
    as you know your av is running - and it will certainly let it's presence be known - you should not worry about ZA Pro monitoring it (it actually consumes some of your pc's resources). Your Windows Security Center will still monitor your anti-virus and firewall.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-5-08 - As I Lay Me Down - Sophie B. Hawkins

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