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Thread: Firewall shuts down during re-installation process

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    albroun Guest

    Default Firewall shuts down during re-installation process

    I noticed that I got a Windows XP security alert when upgrading ZA anti-virus to the latest version, telling me that the firewall was inactive. Could my computer security have been significantly compromised during this process? (I had disabled my connection to the internet, but at the point in the re-installation process at which it requested to scan my programmes it
    that I had to
    enable the internet connection).

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Center reports that ZoneAlarm Firewall is not running

    the short...<hr>1. Shutdown ZA (right click the ZA icon near the clock),
    2. Wait 2-3 minutes,
    3. Re-open ZA (from all programs --&gt; ZoneAlarm --&gt; etc) and unless you have a more serious issue WSC should now recognize ZA.
    As long as you know your ZA is working - really working - that's what more important.
    On some rare occasions with an update (MS Windows update or ZA upgrade)
    - Windows not recognizing ZA firewall does occur - this is a small OS error/ glitch in recognition - only; your ZA firewall is working properly if you see &quot;All Systems Active&quot; in ZA and operations appear normal.<hr>and the long...<hr>As far as ZA is concerned, you could try the following to get Windows security center to recognize ZA, which it ought to
    (preferably off line)
    In ZA, make sure that in Firewall &gt;
    Main -
    tab &gt; Advanced &gt; General settings &gt; 'Disable Windows firewall' &gt; &quot;box is checked.&quot;
    Then shut down ZA (right click on ZA
    tray icon, click &gt;
    &quot;Shutdown ZoneAlarm.&quot;
    In Windows security center, switch on Windows firewall. Security center should show that Windows firewall is on (click chevron next to firewall to read the message).
    Restart ZA from start, programs. Check in security center whether it recognizes that ZA has come on (ZA will have switched off the Windows firewall when you restart it - automatically).<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-6-08 - Hold On, I'm Comin' - Sam And Dave

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    albroun Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Center reports that ZoneAlarm Firewall is not running


    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure that I made my question very clear as I am not a security expert - the issue is not really with the Windows Security Center MESSAGES, but with the fact that when upgrading ZA it appears that the ZA firewall is ACTUALLY temporarily shut down while the upgrade takes place. Are you saying that infact the ZA firewall is infact STILL functionning even while the upgrade is occurring and that the Windows Security Center messages are misleading? ZA ITSELF says that the True Vector service (or something like that) is closing, which makes it seem that for the duration of the upgrade process the computer is exposed, and that therefore yesterday my computer could have been hacked while I was upgrading.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Security Center reports that ZoneAlarm Firewall is not running

    Well you made a wise move by disconnecting from the net during a part of the ZA upgrade; and re-connecting when prompted. There is a brief moment as the 'changeover/ upgrade' is occurring that ZA firewall is 'off' - the windows firewall is enabled - when new ZA firewall is on - it &quot;should&quot; automatically shut-off the windows firewall, but there are 'rare' occasions when the disabling of windows firewall is not 'complete' and that's when some users will get the windows alert about ZA firewall
    is not on
    (even thou it really is on, you see &quot;All Systems Active&quot; in ZA and operations appear normal) [ this also can happen after Microsoft updates - affecting IE or other]<hr>In your case, you did disconnect, good; and the 'brief moment' when ZA is off, most users are &quot;not very vulnerable&quot; if they do not have any other active windows or doing some other activity - which most people are not doing as they install ZA - so the 'vulnerability' factor is very low. One thing you can do to lessen the 'exposure time' is to use the &quot;save to desktop method&quot; of installing. The installer/ installation
    is there, you can disconnect for a period of time until it prompts you to re-connect, by this time the main portions of ZA firewall is already up and running and will protect you as you re-connect.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 11-7-08 - No Woman, No Cry - The Fugees

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