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Thread: XP SP3 ZAISS new install reboot loop

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    chitowntbone Guest

    Default XP SP3 ZAISS new install reboot loop

    Hello All,

    I just upgraded an old machine of mine to SP3 and decided to install the latest version of ZAISS. Installation completes but once it reboots for the first time it will not stop and keeps rebooting. I have gotten into the safe mode and uninstalled completely and attempted to reinstall but the same thing occurs.

    Any thoughts?


    One note: This is an AMD-K6 500 machine with 248 mb memory but it is successfully running windows XP SP3. Yes, old and slow but I need XP to run an old program for work.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    chitowntbone Guest

    Default Re: XP SP3 ZAISS new install reboot loop

    OK.... What the Freak!!!!!!!

    I finally had to reinstall XP and start from scratch. Once I got it up I decided to try a different machine.

    This one is a Pent 4 1.8 with 512 mb running a fresh install of XP and all the latest updates to include SP3 and beyond. I downloaded and installed Zaiss from the website and it CRASHED the fresh install.

    Can anyone tell me, since I bout the 3 PC license if the code key will work with the lesser products, ie. just ZA Antivirus?

    I can't tell you how frustrated I am since this is the second machine I have to fix in just two days.


    I have it running successfully on Vista Ultimate.

    Edited: I used the XP install disk to fix the boot file and now it comes up and seems to be working on this one.

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    chitowntbone Guest

    Default Re: XP SP3 ZAISS new install reboot loop

    Got into the OS via the repair option on the install cd and uninstalled and now the PC works fine.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: XP SP3 ZAISS new install reboot loop

    Would you consider an install to last stable XP only version - 7.0.483 ZA Suite?<hr>Your ZA Suite 3 pc key can't be used on a downgraded version ZA Anti-virus &gt; not unless you 'officially talk to and are approved by ZA Customer Service.'<hr>I would recommend 7.0.483 ZA Suite and stay there for your old pc's.Click here &gt;
    - follow tips and guidelines.<hr>If 7.0.483 loops and if it happens with other install apps, then you have a problem with XP SP3/ and or microsoft system. Maybe the msi installer?

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